Monday, August 16, 2004

At long last, wxPython has been released. PythonCard release 0.8, which is dependent on will be out shortly. Head over to the wxPython site or just follow the links below. If you are a Mac OS X user you should be particularly happy. I've been using wxPython 2.5.2.x on my PowerBook as my primary Python development platform for the last few months and it definitely looks and works well enough that I don't feel cheated anymore compared to wxPython on Windows. Kudos to Stefan Csomor, Kevin Ollivier, Robin Dunn and everyone else that have whipped WXMAC into shape.

wxPython has been released, all users of are strongly encouraged to upgrade. Please read the Recent Changes and Migration Guide for details.

A snapshot of the new style wxPython reference docs is available here. While most of the content is not yet present, the docs are still usable, and in fact helpful since they already accurately document what classes and methods are present in wxPython and what the parameter names are.

Robin's OSCON 2004 tutorial and presentation slides are available.

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