Saturday, February 01, 2003

PyObjC is interesting, but not relevant to me

I don't expect I'll be using PyObjC much myself because I'm committed to writing cross-platform applications. That is why I'm using Python, wxPython and PythonCard to write apps that run on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. I don't know Objective-C and I really don't have any interest in learning a single OS API such as Cocoa anymore than I want to invest a lot of time in .NET that only works with Windows.

Yes, .NET may someday run on the Mac, but I'll bet it won't ever work on Linux. I think the Mono project is deluding itself if it thinks that someday it won't get crushed by the MS lawyers, so that isn't an option for .NET compatibility. I'll be very pleased if Mono does succeed, but I won't consider investing time even looking at C# and .NET for a couple of years. I'm very happy with Python and libs for Python.

I've changed my primary operating system many times in the past and I expect that I will again, so cross-platform, open source languages and libraries are the thing for me. In fact, all of the PythonCard code that I've written in the last year and half is now working on my G4 tower.

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