Sunday, April 13, 2003

Since I've moved my blog, I thought I would try and get a redirect in place on the old blog home page to this page I was following Bill Bumgarner's instructions and had the redirect in place before I realized that I may have broken some old URLs in the process. So far it looks like Radio has left the old categories and pages in place, so except for the home page, the old content is still around.

Note that I'm hoping to use instead of a user number on, but I'm not sure if the RSS feeds and the way content is upstreamed is going to cause an issue. In general I try and use relative URLs, so I don't think that will be a source of problems.

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Guido van Rossum's Weblog [via Slices of Py]

Let's hope that Guido and the other weblogs on get better URLs, rather than just a .jsp=# style URL. I also found out about Bruce Eckel's blog via Dean's Slices of Py post.

Note this is my first post to my new blog home on It looks like I may still have some problems with the URLs in my templates, which I tweaked when I switched from, but I should have it figured out in the next day or two. I've already removed some of the Radio-specific links that were at the bottom of the page. The visited links colors in the CSS seem broken and I'm not thrilled with the light-blue on blue text color scheme, so I'm going to tweak that too. Time for a quick CSS education; Mark Pilgrim save me :)

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  Friday, April 11, 2003

I'm packing up my bags and moving to PyCS. I expect to complete the move over the next few days well before my Radio Userland account expires. I'll post the new blog address and put a redirect in place before I stop using this blog space.

I also expect to move over to Georg Bauer's Python Desktop Server and maybe use the PythonCard radioclient sample to handle the actual editing and posting.

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  Thursday, April 10, 2003

Bill Bumgarner has posted a nice overview of various blogging tools and hosting solutions. [links updated for Bill's new PyCS site]

Like Bill, my Radio Userland account is about to expire, so I'm also looking for a new home. I will probably go ahead and renew for one more year, simply to make it easier for people to find my real blog, but I do plan on moving away from Radio this year and finding a permanent place to host. If manilasites was reliable I would probably go back to my site, but it is slow at best and when it becomes unavailable, like now, there is no telling when it will be back up.

If I get real motivated I'll create a host under my own semi-retired domain.

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