Thursday, March 25, 2004

Guido on wxPython

From notes taken by Ted Leung and others at Guido's PyCon keynote this morning...

Q: wxPython
A: That's the best GUI toolkit given a number of constraints.  The only reason wxPython isn't the standard Python GUI toolkit is that tkInter was there first.  Believes wxPython is the most mature cross platform toolkit.

On a related note I recently did some simplistic research to find the most popular Python projects. The summary shows that wxPython is one of the most popular Python projects with over 20K downloads per month from SourceForge (SF) alone; SF stats are understated as of March 2004 according to SF staff. The number of subscribers to the wxPython mailing list is over 900 people, compared to 550 and 500 subscribers for PyGTK and PyQt respectively. Note that monthly downloads for wxWidgets from SourceForge are around 40 - 50K per month, so the wxPython user base is a very large part of the total wxWidgets user base.

Other Python GUI toolkits have their uses, but I just couldn't resist this opportunity to gloat. <wink>

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