Tuesday, March 16, 2004


I wish I had written this one. When PythonCard was first getting started I wrote the worldclock sample, which fetches images from the time.gov server. EarthClock uses a similar strategy, but is so much cooler. How much cooler, well just look at this...

EarthClock supports views from different locations around the globe, weather satellite images, as well as just about any other image that you can fetch from a web site, plus it is skinnable for a variety of effects and different clock styles. I love the nighttime views with the lights from the cities.

There is a standalone Windows installer for anyone with a Windows machine, Win98 or higher, you don't need anything else. If you aren't using the standalone installer, EarthClock requires wxPython and the Python Imaging Library (PIL). If you fetch EarthClock from cvs be aware that the Clock.py file was missing as of March 16, 2004 and some of the other files are out-of-date, so I recommend just using the .zip in the file downloads section if you want the source. ShapedWindows aren't supported by wxPython on GTK yet, but they do work on Windows and the Mac.

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