Friday, May 09, 2003


At the PyCon conference in March I attended an Open Space session on Jython. I raised the idea of embedding Jython in Eclipse and WebSphere. I finally got to talk to Paul Buck about Eclipse, Python and Jython last week and I posted my take of that conversation on the jython-users mailing list.

A lead developer needs to be found to make this happen, so now seems like a good time to post some links about Jython...

The last link above has additional links to specific plug-in projects already started for Eclipse as well as a Jython code completion shell. At this time, I don't know the status of the various plug-in projects. The jython-users mailing list and the wiki page are probably the best places to check on progress. If you're interested in contributing please contact me via email or post something to the mailing list.

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