Sunday, April 13, 2003

Guido van Rossum's Weblog [via Slices of Py]

Let's hope that Guido and the other weblogs on get better URLs, rather than just a .jsp=# style URL. I also found out about Bruce Eckel's blog via Dean's Slices of Py post.

Note this is my first post to my new blog home on It looks like I may still have some problems with the URLs in my templates, which I tweaked when I switched from, but I should have it figured out in the next day or two. I've already removed some of the Radio-specific links that were at the bottom of the page. The visited links colors in the CSS seem broken and I'm not thrilled with the light-blue on blue text color scheme, so I'm going to tweak that too. Time for a quick CSS education; Mark Pilgrim save me :)

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