Thursday, August 07, 2003

Boa Constructor has been picked as the SourceForge Project of the Month [link via the Daily Python-URL]

Congratulations to Riaan Booysen and the rest of the Boa team.

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SpamBayes I Thank Thee

Every day I get over sixty SPAM messages, but thanks to SpamBayes I don't have to read any of them or even look at the subject line and sender to figure out which messages are SPAM. They are all automatically moved from of my Outlook Inbox into a SPAM folder as they arrive and after three months I am confident that SpamBayes won't mistakenly move a real message into the SPAM folder. When it isn't sure if a message is SPAM, it simply goes into another folder I've defined which is easy to scan; generally the only things that go into the "Unsure" folder are a few electronic sales receipts and HTML newsletters.

Jon Udell wrote about how SpamBayes rocks on his weblog and an InfoWorld article last May.

Now there is a way to give back to the SpamBayes project. They've set up a donations page where you can make a contribution via PayPal to the Python Software Foundation (PSF). It's like tax-deductible shareware, so give generously. 

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