Wednesday, March 24, 2004


Congratulations to Bram Cohen on his Wired Rave Award for BitTorrent!

According to Wired, there are an estimated 10 million machines running BitTorrent. The SourceForge downloads alone are around 1.3 - 1.5 million per month and several of the most active Python projects on SourceForge are alternative clients for BitTorrent. That means that BitTorrent is probably the most popular program ever written in Python and one of the most popular Open Source projects as well.

[via Dave Winer]

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IronPython is Jim Hugunin's implementation of Python for .NET and Mono. Jim's IronPython paper and Ted Leung's notes on Jim's talk shed more light on this project. Jim will be doing an updated presentation on IronPython at OSCON in July.

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PyCon has started. Jeremy Hylton says there were 320 confirmed registrations as of yesterday; last year I think we only had 200 attendees. Most of the papers are now online and the remaining ones should be added before the conference is over. Ted Leung is posting notes from the sessions that he attends. The conference schedule and talk abstracts are online. The Feedster PyCon Buzz feed is a bit chaotic with a lot of duplicate posts, but it is worth checking.
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