Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Python 2.3

Python 2.3 is done and available for download. The quotes in the press release are great, so go check them out along with the highlights, and complete release notes. In particular, this is the beginning of Python playing a much larger role at Apple and in Mac OS X development.

"The combination of the open source Unix-based core of Mac OS X running on PowerBook G4 high-performance portables has attracted a large number of developers using open source scripting languages like Python," said Bud Tribble, Apple's vice president of Software Technology. "Python 2.3 provides greatly improved support for existing Mac OS X users, and with the upcoming release of Panther, Apple will provide Python 2.3 developers direct access to APIs for the PDF-based Quartz graphics engine and QuickTime image formats."

Congratulations to everyone involved!

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