Monday, July 21, 2003

A Conversation with Bruce Eckel

Bruce Eckel wrote the best-selling books Thinking in C++ and Thinking in Java, but for the past several years he's preferred to think in Python. Two years ago, Eckel gave a keynote address at the 9th International Python Conference entitled "Why I love Python." He presented ten reasons he loves programming in Python in "top ten list" style, starting with ten and ending with one.

In this interview, which is being published in four installments, Bill Venners asks Bruce Eckel about each of these ten points.

  • In Part I: Python and the Programmer, Bruce Eckel explains why he feels Python is "about him," how minimizing clutter improves productivity, and the relationship between backwards compatibility and programmer pain.
  • In Part II: The Zen of Python, Bruce Eckel explains why he prefers Python's valuing programmer productivity over program performance, Python's you-want-it-you-can-have-it attitude, and Python's zen-like learning curve.
  • In Part III: Type Checking and Techie Control, Bruce Eckel explains why he prefers Python's latent type checking and techie control of language evolution.
  • In Part IV: Python and the Tipping Point, Bruce Eckel talks about how Python's minimal finger typing allows programmers to focus on the task, not the tool, generating a productivity that makes more projects feasible.

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