Friday, July 18, 2003


This is probably the announcement that will finally get me to try OpenOffice.

PyUNO is a generic bridge between python and's component model UNO (Universal Network Objects).

The bridge enables python programmers to script a running -instance from the python executable via the UNO interprocess bridge. Additionally it allows to implement UNO components in python, which e.g. can be loaded directly into the process.

OpenOffice.org1.1rc ships with a nearly complete prebuilt python-2.2.2 runtime. This is necessary, because python 2.2.x does not yet build a shared library by default and the python executable is linked vs. the system's stdc++ library, which in general is incompatible to OpenOffice's stdc++ library.

In theory, PyUNO can also be used only with the core libraries of in order to use low-level-features like an interprocess bridge, C++ vs. Java vs. Python bridge, etc.

See for a more detailed description of pyuno.

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