Monday, June 09, 2003

Here is some info for those of you attending OSCON 2003, July 7-11 in Portland, Oregon. The main page of Robert Spier's site contains a nice shot of downtown Portland and the Marriott hotel. His About Portland page contains links to some good Portland info sites as well as my "tour of Portland" which Robert put together based on posts I've made to the OSCON mailing list.

O'Reilly has provided pages for Hotel and Travel, Restaurants, and things to See & Do. O'Reilly is not providing a food tent at OSCON this year. Instead, they have an hour and a half lunch break, so attendees may want to make reservations in the morning for lunch at a nearby restaurant. The pages above contain links to many of the restaurants within walking distance.

If you have some other pages you want to highlight, just post a comment below.

See you in July!

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