Monday, April 14, 2003

Python is an Agile Programming Language (redux)

My earlier post about calling Python an agile programming language has started gaining traction. We still don't have a complete set of tenets, but here's the working list.

  • excellent for beginners, yet superb for experts
  • highly scalable, suitable for large projects as well as small ones
  • rapid development
  • portable, cross-platform
  • embeddable
  • easily extensible
  • object-oriented
  • you can get the job done
  • simple yet elegant
  • stable and mature
  • powerful standard libs
  • wealth of 3rd party packages

And don't forget that with Python, programming is fun again!

What is sort of interesting is that while I think Python is an excellent programming language to use with Agile Development Methods I wasn't trying to just ride on that bandwagon. It is precisely because Python is an agile language that it is applicable to agile development methods, quick one-off programs normally thought of as scripts, and traditional software development done by solo programmers or teams. Most of the programming world still hasn't embraced the tenets of the agile methodology, but despite the programming style or type of program you're writing, Python will be applicable to the problem you're trying to solve.

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