Friday, March 21, 2003

Python 11 - OSCON 2003 Registration

The registration page for Python 11 at OSCON 2003 is now available. The conference takes place July 7 - 11, 2003 in Portland, Oregon, USA.

The theme of OSCON this year is "Embracing and Extending Proprietary Software".

The O'Reilly Open Source Convention brings together the leaders of more than nine critical open source technologies. You will get an inside look at how to configure, optimize, code, and manage these powerful tools. The convention is rooted in a single premise -- to provide high-quality information that will allow you to raise your level of expertise and overcome challenges quickly, efficiently, and elegantly.

The conference sessions, including the Python tutorials (Monday, Tuesday) and presentations (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) are available at:

OSCON Home page:

I will repeat this announcement, provide additional information, and post updates at least once a month between now and July.

Kevin Altis - Python 11 co-chair

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