Thursday, March 20, 2003

Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP

I picked up my Game Boy Advance SP (GBA SP) today. The GBA SP won't officially go on sale until March 23rd, but I was able to pick mine up early from Electronics Boutique (EB) before the official release because I pre-ordered it in January. As a bonus I was able to sell my original GBA back to EB for $40; good riddance to the screen of eye death. Normally I wouldn't talk about videogames on my blog, but after a day of CNN and fighting a cold, it is nice to have a little joy.

Put simply, the GBA SP is the sweetest incarnation of the Game Boy since the original was introduced back in 1989. There are only two downsides. One, you need a headphone adapter cable (sold separately) if you want to listen to the sound with headphones. I don't consider that a big deal since I generally don't listen to GB games anyway. Two, like the GBA before it, older GB cartridges stick out from the main unit which feels slightly awkward when you want to put the GBA SP away, especially if you want to carry it in your pocket. And yes kids, the original GB Tetris cartridge still works even on the latest and greatest GBA SP; unlike "computers", videogame systems just work.

Speaking of pocket, it is so small that you really can carry it folded up in your pocket and as a bonus the screen is protected. It has a backlit screen and a lithium battery, so even dark games like Castlevania look good and you don't have to worry about carrying around spare batteries when traveling.

Nintendo is going to sell tens of millions of these little gems! If you have kids or like games on the go, then you might as well get in line to pick yours up, they'll probably be in short supply the rest of the year. Then again, Nintendo may have already geared up production for a million a month, which I bet is what they'll be selling. Not surprisingly there is already a brisk trade of GBA SPs on eBay, in part because the Japanese models come in more colors than the big N is making available in the US.

Now if I could just find a copy of Advance Wars to take on my trip next week.

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