Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Python 2.3a2

The second alpha release of Python 2.3 is available.

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Python Scripting for .NET

Brian Lloyd has posted his "initial (experimental) version" of Python Scripting for .NET along with a FAQ. It is described as an integration of the CPython runtime with the .NET CLR.

This is different than the KOBRA .NET for Python wrapper by Chetan Gadgil.

Neither of these should be confused with Visual Python, which has nothing to do with running Python in the CLR or integrating with .NET, but rather:

Visual Python is the high-productivity Python plug-in for Visual Studio .NET. Powerful, Python-specific features within the familiar Visual Studio environment provide ease of use and accelerated development cycles.

Yeah, I'm still a bit confused too ;-) Anyway, I don't use .NET or the Visual Studio .NET IDE so I have nothing more to add.

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